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The stud was founded in Pertegal Bermejo 1987 by Don Luis Bermejo Saez, who by family tradition enters the wonderful world of breeding of this noble and beautiful animal that is the Pure Spanish Horse.
Located in the El Madroñal, in the municipality of Ribera del Fresno, a town very near Zafra, Carr, and just 50 km. Mérida and 150 km. Seville, the stud Pertegal Bermejo has its origins in a lot of black fillies purchased at the home of the Carthusian horse, in the beautiful village of Arcos de la Frontera, all with much blood in my mouth.
Don Luis's passion for the Spanish Horse takes you to select animals with a lot of mouth, giving a product with the aroma of an improved breed.
Expression in animals with eyes, dominion in his movements, short hair and silky ... Through her class are LORDS Lord and that they can be present.